NEW HUMANITY 2.0: Discovering More Love


It’s clear the world is changing. It’s clear the majority wants to change. We ask these questions. Into what shall we change? How can we?

I believe true change begins with desire. Requesting of ourselves passionately and curiously —how might I look from another view?

How might I be seen, how might I see?

Meditate humbly: How might I serve.

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Stress and anxiety seem only grow in this life. That’s one side. 

We can balance some of those fears by eliminating toxins through proper diet, mental detox and physical moment. 

The other side is that we can become part of the process of change by determining what we desire to become. 

I consider spiritual development—meditation, prayer, awareness, holistic and integrative practices into our daily living to be true nourishment for healthy change.

True nourishment, a concentrated goodness. A discovery of the deeper aspects of love. 

Discovering more love is about this new energy rising. It’s the concentrated core of good will from good people for all beings. 

This age of love is emerging from inside us. 

Deeper aspects of love gift us acceptance of our true self and of all nature as everything has inherently belonged. It’s been part of us all along the way. We are part sun, part moon and the intelligence shared between them.

Today we predetermine our future. What things will we continue to normalize? Will it be aggression or will it be peace? Will it be control and greed and continued separation or will it be freedom, acceptance and inclusion?

We are learning to “expand life to include everything.” This is the subtitle to one of my books and I’ve never felt the concept as important as it feels today.

I hope we continue to hold ourselves true to loving methods for living well. That we lead from our heart by becoming for ourselves — the embodiment of happiness.

By becoming awake and aware of the traumatic state of the planet, yet with careful deliberation that we not be tempted to embody sorrow and pain as our default. Let us not fall down the rabbit hole.

I hope we can embrace change by becoming the proof, when we live our beliefs of hope and possibility, joy and inclusion, peace and love, we will write a New Humanity—not just for a chosen few, but for everyone.

Namaste R.S | Yesrising 


Richard’s calling card reads “Choose Love over Fear, Follow your Dreams, Build a Better World, Expand Life to Include Everything! Inspire Global Thinking! Teach Love—a Universal Love.”

Conceptual and social artist, author, thinker, cancer survivor — known for his work on transforming loss. The founder, creator ofNo Fear Friday (TM), and songwriter atRick Eva Music, his book “The Grace of Redefining Love” has been called “a piece of art” and a new paperbackNo Fear Friday here are both available onAmazon

Award winning writer & 2018 Visionary Insight Press leader, Richard is a respected online writer and also contributor to Thrive Global & The Power of the Heart.
going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land.

Richard is an advocate of Love + Inclusive thinking, partner of John, lover of sandy beaches & addicted to 90% dark chocolate. He has a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land.

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