Nirvana Gas Station – My Take on Societal Possibility 1

Here’s the concept: One of our unpleasant unwanted things to do in life – sometimes stressful – is filling up the gas tank. So what if going to the gas station was a pleasant and inspiring experience? What if upon our approach we anticipated the sight of a word or two of inspiration next to the giant price sign? Price $3.50 a gallon…Spread peace today.

nirvanaSo I pull up to my pump, get out of the car to begin the usual tank-filling ritual and I hear something gentle, something rising, not too loud, not too in my face – just pleasant. No screaming ads or frantic dance beats. Oh cool! Music!

I continue filling up the tank, now eagerly looking forward to entering the store to purchase a gallon of milk because a sign in the window says it’s organic. This place sells organic products? I don’t need to drive across town to the health food store? – What a relief. Wow I can feel safe to consume products from a gas station …huh.

Now get this, the cashier, he’s a smiling chap, feels like I can trust him, yeah, that’s the feeling. Heck, I like this place! But wait – there’s more – for just $3.50 a gallon – that’s right for just $3.50 I can get…wait…what’s that scent in the air? Smells familiar – no, it’s not that toxic synthetic crap from air fresheners. Hmm…smells good too. Jasmine – that’s it. Just barely perceptible – gracefully dancing in and out of my awareness. The essential oil that has been known for centuries in eastern cultures, to uplift and encourage. Huh…nice touch.

The cashier hands me back a “gas hearts” rewards card…telling me if I collect 200 more points that I can get the organic cotton tee shirt on display, in either black or white, with one of my favorite sayings on it “One Love” for free. Nice! Once I have enough points I will give the shirt to the grand kid. Just because…no special reason – not even the holidays yet. I walk back to my vehicle with my organic milk and plop it on the front seat…I think I feel…I feel…um. I feel calm…maybe it’s happy?

I’m going to let the guy in front of me go first. I have time.

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One thought on “Nirvana Gas Station – My Take on Societal Possibility

  • Meg Evans

    Nice! My version of that is to buy a Chevy Volt and hang inspirational signs on the wall of my garage above the electrical outlet. 🙂 On my to-do list for the coming year, after I get a few bills paid down..