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John Muir

John Muir

This Week on No Fear Friday

Recently, someone asked me to explain what it feels like when the heart is at peace with a decision. How I feel is released from it — from the choice. A sigh of breath, and a sensation my heart expanding — it actually feels like my heart center travels outward into our world, and then beyond it. One of the reasons I loved this quote of John Muir’s so much.
It’s very clear to me when I’m writing or working on a project. When the creative force is done flowing through me — the notification of “a heart release” tells me to let it go and do its job.

I think that’s really important, learning how to listen to our body. It constantly communicates to us. Easily dismissed in today’s culture, the only way to really hone the skill is through focusing inward. Nothing is outside us.

Journaling, meditation, yoga, prayer, walking in nature — these solitary or communal acts bring us to our true home: The heart, consciousness, God, or — Heaven on Earth.


Richard’s message is “choose Love over Fear, Follow your Dreams, and Expand Life to Include Everything!” His book The Grace of Redefining Love is available on Amazon 

He’s the founder of Instagram’s No Fear Friday (TM), and Singer—Songwriter at Rick Eva Music. Find No Fear Friday the book here! 

The social change artist is an online writer for the platforms The Power of the Heart + Thrive Global — the bulk of his work can be found on his website!

Richard is a lover of sandy beaches, partner of John and addicted to 90% dark chocolate — with a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land. 

“perhaps the answer to all human threat is…L OV E” ❤️

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