Our Year End Report


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“The reciprocity of givingcomes many ways, but mostly it’s felt in both the giver and receiver when given genuinely fromthe heart.” — R.S.


Whether looking from the viewpoint of a calendar year or in traditional holiday spirit, we often forget that reflection is necessary for our growth. Individually and collectively — for businesses, even for countries.

2018 has been a milestone year!

Annual Report

Giving Thanks

I was overjoyed to discover the YesRising Foundation delivered more than $659 to social causes and individuals in 2018!  We are so thankful for the generosity of individuals, friends and anonymous donations that contributed to support our mission.

And, while it’s hardly an olympic number — your support helped set a goal for 2019 to which we can build upon. 

Your gift creates an impact! 

YesRising Foundation 2017-2018 Giving | we proudly support

2018 Accomplishments


Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio

First, I’m most grateful for health — it’s important to give thanks for the use of our body and all it allows us to do.

The truth is, when we wake each day we have the opportunity to do something good with our life.

Even if it’s a kind word.

I enjoy the creative process so much and I’m feeling especially full-hearted from all our efforts.


Here are a few of the highlights from the past year.


No Fear Friday


John collecting washcloths for Project UFirst!


Now, a time to gather from our reflection

—to gain wisdom + insight. 

Dear friends,

TAKE time to acknowledge your efforts. Reflect on all the causes YOU’VE supported this year. Look at all your accomplishments, big or small. Look who you’ve connected with, what grades you received, what  communities you became part of. Remember all the laughter you’ve shared. Look at all the journals you wrote in, all the trails you’ve hiked.

Look at all the days you got up and went to the gym, all the pots you pottered, paintings you’ve painted, plants

you watered, bee’s you fed, birds you offered seed. I wish for everyone to pat yourselves on the back. Thank yourself RIGHT now!

You’ve done a lot. Take time to receive that. Really take it into your body and when you get into bed tonight, remember — every action has an impact. 

Wishing you continued Joy, Success and Laughter today and all throughout the coming year. Thank you for following us and your ongoing support! Let us continue to build beautiful things together — Namaste!

Love + Light, Richard

Look for much more from us in 2019!

Recording Studio

Rotary Records Studio

Because Everything Speaks — EP

Mimic — Poetry that Expands Human Thinking

Wish to be Free — music video

Inspiring partnerships, conscious art and more!

If you moved to do so, please CONSIDER supporting my words and music via a straight donation to PayPal.Me/Yesrising or purchase one of four books through my website yesrising.com.




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