Chance Meetings, Cosmic Grace


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What is Given, Received

Let us take refuge in our likeness when unknown eyes run into ours. Breathe — in the expanse offered when such gaze from a stranger discerns deeper connection. Perhaps we never met, true, still we know some-thing about each other.

Our personality may have forgotten, but our soul has not. And though our body’s may have changed, our eyes remained the same.

What is it when someone we don’t know says something so rich, it moves us with tingles or tears? When synchronicity rings so true that we say hmmm…huh. There is no physical threat to us, no, what we feel of this stranger, or angel —  is simply the triggering of the frequency of our connection lighting up our field of remembrance.

Something clicks internal that’s eternal, and now and again, within a blink, decades of searching for understanding is understood — take refuge in the acknowledgement that you are like your brother, oh yes, do.

Take refuge in the angel’s eyes and enter inner dedication. Bring presence in the present moment — for in it, provides the data, proof of something great weaving through us all.

Step into those serendipitous events. And in solidarity join in heart with each other — for on this day we are united — One on big blue-green planet Earth.

We all know as years grow on, we can look back and see the people that shaped and molded our future. Let it not stop there. Gently accept your strange angels stare with open hearts.

These chance meetings?

No, there are no strangers nearby, only angels among us exposing gleams of light reminding us — who we really are.

Return the receipt dear global citizens— all is well — with a word or nod or wave or smile. Take refuge in the fleeting moment our eyes meet in cosmic grace.For it is that waking moment, sent to bring us confirmation of our precious peace — and that moments gift to others, they are safely on their soul-journey.

These are our waking instants.

In the burden of surrender we rise — through us love shall speak. We only need show up wearing our burden gracious, for the word will take the stage, and at once — what is given, is received.

Stand in reverence of each passing gift, because it is in parting — that we receive. Take refuge in our likeness my friends— embrace the wise as it beckons us to rise. In our strangers eyes flash the sentiment; wake up. May I reflect your greatest good?



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Letter to a Bohemian 

What seems empty now is just the space — received to receive — that which we are willing to become.

Always love and teach it.

Desire and devour it — be compassionate. 

Forgive the mis-created reflections, yet exhale gratitude for each microsecond.

Be truer to your art —it lives to love, be loved and be lived.

Intend today to forward letters of instruction to your future self and former child.

Artists create because they have to create, Son. 

Wander gently more.

–excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love, a book about expanding life to include everything. Available May 20, 2017 through AMAZON. Please like, share, and follow if you are moved to do so. YESRISING is on Instagram, Twitter, Medium and Facebook. Namaste 🙂

Breaking Stereotypes

my LIFE LESSONS, Meditations for Artists and Wanderers:

One-at-a-time meditations and contemplations to help deepen our ministry in life. These are my life lessons, things I’ve come to revere on my journey — life take-aways. Choose what calls to you or work your way down from the top. Explore, meditate on, or journal about your experience for five minutes, an hour, a day, or a week.

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Banana—Matcha Smoothie


Super Smoothies!

Energizing, refreshing and full of potassium — this super smoothie rocked my world!

1 banana

1 palmful hemp, flax, chia seeds

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon matcha powder

1 handful organic frozen spinach

1 handful organic fresh kale

add coconut milk to consistency

Place all ingredients into a blender and whip it good. I have a Magic Bullet NutriBullet that I love — it does a super job smoothing my smoothies effortlessly! 🙂

Love and Motivation


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Connection and relationship with each other is our validation. We often seek it elsewhere in material things. The kindness we share through connection awakens each other’s Divine Gift. Our motivation is each other. We were never meant to conquer life alone.

Most of the time as a young man, and admittedly, many times until recently, I thought I needed to do everything myself. That somehow I must suffer, struggle “work hard” for success. That accepting help was taking from those who really needed it or that I wasn’t worth the investment. Both of those views are incorrect. You are worth the investment — you matter!

– excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love (available May, 2017) #ExpandingLife

Leaving a Legacy

Every Life You Touch

Every Life You Touch.

“Your legacy is every life you touch.” Namaste Oprah Winfrey on The Talk.

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Five for Fighting Anxiety

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“Anxiety – got me on the run
Anxiety – yeah, I just need someone
Anxiety – can’t get nothin’ done
Anxiety – spoils all the fun”

— Lyrics from the song ‘Anxiety’ by Pat Benatar

Practices for a less stressful and more glorious day.

We all have anxiety. How could we not? Anxiety has become the commonality in the fabric of our 21st century lives. Reading news headlines, raising our families, our work schedules and participation in a rapidly technologically advancing society  — has saturated our minds, making it difficult, or seemingly impossible, to relax and recharge.

We call it different things. Worry, stress, overwhelm, nerves, unease, uncertainty, tension — Anxiety has become an epidemic.

In December 2016, NBC News reported “One in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drugs — mostly antidepressants,” That is more than 16% of Americans — a staggering number, alarming to adults and increasingly dangerous to our children.

This is a call to action, for the world, for America and especially for our children.

An anxiety disorder when medically diagnosed by a qualified medical doctor disorder should not be ignored, or downplayed, in the arena I’m addressing here. If you are experiencing or have experienced trauma or feelings of suicidal or harmful thoughts, please seek professional help or go to your local emergency room.

What I attempt to address in this article is our basic need to take better care of ourselves, our families — including our elders and our children.

We’ve become a society that doesn’t stop. We have an onslaught of medical and non medical people that try to manage our anxiety for us. They may even create, intentionally or unintentionally, additional anxiety for you — why? Well, because, it makes them feel a bit better themselves.

We can learn more effective ways to deal with anxiety, reduce our stress and increase our well-being. We frequently just don’t know how or practice to be resilient from an event or series of events that exceeded our immediate resources to effectively cope with them.

Everyone has moments of overwhelm, and situations where we need to ask for help — after all, this is part of living. And, I’m all for prescribing appropriate medications for clinical diagnosis of depression and other medical disorders —but I’m a huge advocate of using the knowledge we’ve had for thousands of years that is proven to be effective in lowering our heart rate, regulating blood pressure, increasing serotonin levels and increasing general wellbeing.

I can only speak from my experience on how I was able to overcome debilitating anxiety, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes — but I stand firm that these 5 for fighting anxiety hacks are always in my toolbox.

Five for fighting Anxiety.

  1. Meditation — I love to meditate in the morning when I first get up. This helps to set the tone for the day. I’m also very fond of meditation by a stream or at the beach. There are many forms of meditation — eyes closed, eyes open, singing, praying, walking meditations, writing and so on. Find the one that works best for you first, then try to work toward a more formal practice to achieve the most benefits.
  2. Exercise —  I belong to a gym and when I first get there I get on a bike or treadmill to warm up. Within the first 5-7 minutes I notice a distinct shift in my breathing and overall feeling of well-being. Begin small. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as that you do.
  3. Diet — By diet, I intend to bring attention to what we are eating and to eating effectively. Several small meals throughout the day assist in stabilizing our blood sugar levels and give us energy throughout the day. Increase fruits and veggies — reduce meats and white flour, eliminate most white sugars, and refined or prepared foods.
  4. Breathing — I can’t stress enough that breathing regulates our entire body. I’ve learned to reduce my heart rate and anxiety through simple breathing exercises. Take a long deep breath in for the count of five, then release it for the count of five. This is what I do and it works for me. A lot of training models have a different approach, usually longer inhales and holds. Explore breath work — you will totally be amazed.
  5. Visual and Sound Therapy — Our environments are important and have a tremendous impact on how we feel. I make sure my bedroom is clean and simple. Low lighting and a few books and odd items that make me feel peaceful are placed next to my bed. I enjoy white noise or nature sounds both for meditating or when I just want to bring the energy down a little bit in the house. Pandora Radio and Amazon Alexa are great for that! Also remember that outdoor in nature is the BEST therapy. Hike a mountain, stroll a beach, sit by a stream.

My wish for you today is a less stressful and more glorious day! Namaste. 🙂