Journal Entry: The Time to Shine

JOURNAL ENTRY September 22: The Time to Shine 🌞 If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you feel something in life needs to shift or change. Life can be strange and sometimes our family dynamics can be stranger. On one hand, if you grow up in a household […]

time to shine



WHAT IS NO FEAR FRIDAY When I created No Fear Friday in 2015, my intention was to establish a weekly campaign on INSTAGRAM that focused on taking action from a place of LOVE rather than fear.   I guess we’ve done that, right?   The Campaign, now in it’s third […]

Geniuses — of Transformation

JOURNAL ENTRY September 15: Geniuses — of Transformation We sing in…the freedom of dreams and desires — it’s only right that we write them down in history. ✨ I speak for those with a voice still unheard. For the one’s that life threw insurmountable challenge. ✨ For the brave whom have […]


toast of paris

Amazing Spirits

Amazing Spirits This quote resonates because throughout history our differences are always compared rather than the celebration of our amazing spirits. But are we not more alike than we are “different”? When a child is born, they don’t care who picks them up and holds them, loves them and keeps […]

Meet Richard

Meet Richard “Since I was a kid, I’ve always felt my life-long work has been about love and possibility. That said, I was born in Newport, Rhode Island into a blue collar, working class family. My grandparents immigrated to America from the Azores Islands, Portugal. I’m a mix. Artist, author, […]

Richard Silvia



Redefining Love – Unlearning “ONE song I wrote in 1995 was titled Beyond The Mundane Lane. There is a line in the song that reads “maybe love is an outdated word, misinterpreted, by the world — but still, still the stars never stay the same.”  The lyric pretty much summarize […]


That Spark Keeps Lighting Other Torches Watching the funerals of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and Senator John McCain moved me, as they should. Wondering why it takes the death of someone for us to explore and express the beauty and fortitude they’re living.  All the accomplishments and all […]



Great Leaders

No Fear Friday: Great Leaders He also said “Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” 🌺 I believe we are here to help each other. That there are those among us that lead by example with love and compassion without fail —with clarity and vision. Those great leaders […]

Between the Seriousness and Lightness

Between the seriousness & lightness of our life experiences—our practice teaches that in the balance we see a little clearer. There’s too much greed & aggression making us sick and misappropriated while in opposition, living too carefree, is allowing it to occur. We heal in the balance —RS #Yesrising 💞 […]



A Offer to Love Deeper

Love Deeper In our daily practice we are going to make mistakes. We will always make them. In time, when we are able to look back, we can say, “I see now where I can do better.” 🌺 Sure, I’ve been embarrassed, humbled, grateful, and amazed when I’ve asked for […]

A Healthy Dose of Hope

With all the loss, grief and fear in the world, my book will give you a healthy dose of Hope and Possibility! You can grab a copy on Amazon here ❤️ Or visit

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Grateful for the Guidance

Grateful: “Thankful for the many projects going on. Asking for guidance and fruition to come.” –RS About The Artist “Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global. Find his latest book here He is the creator of, No Fear Friday […]


From the view of the warrior, out of our struggles comes insight. Come the lessons, our gifts…to grow with.  

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Words for Living

This weeks Words for living. Wishing all people, all beings, joy and happiness. Namaste! About The Artist “Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global. Find his latest book here He is the creator of, No Fear Friday (TM), and […]


JOURNAL ENTRY August 11, 2018 ✨Life —The Fragile Thread ✨ Today is the anniversary of my Mother’s death in 2011. A lot has changed since then — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the miraculous.🙏 ✨ I guess the key advice is, as we struggle through our losses, the […]



JOURNAL ENTRY August 4,2018

JOURNAL ENTRY August 4,2018 Andy Cohen and Jesus Christ These journal entries weave together, part dream, memory or stream of consciousness — messages, still coded waiting for our hearts to break them. I write these fictional, nonfictional “stories” because, well, they ask me too. So here we go. —RS ON […]

Washcloth Drive

Love Lives Here NEW YORK, NY —  Washcloth Drive. I’ve got exciting news to share with everyone! I’m partnering with Erica Wright, CEO/Founder of U First, Inc. in support of their LOVE LIVES HERE event. October 1st will kick off their Love Lives Here trip from Atlanta to New York […]




JOURNAL ENTRY JULY 28, 2018 Compassion, The New Pill 🌞 People are struggling. The news is making us aware of that. We are more awake than we’ve been in a while, that’s true. But, the conflicting message of taking a pill to make us happy or “better” leaves a bitter taste. […]

Universe of Greatness

Because We Live in a Universe of Greatness Often the title of my book comes up in question. What is the Grace of Redefining Love? Well, it simply means expanding life to include everything. 🌺 If we begin to look at life in a new way, with empathy — other […]

No more fear


INSTA Collection II

INSTA Collection II What does everyone do when they get weary? When we want change so badly, often we think in all or nothing terms. Where can we find opportunities in our present condition to facilitate healthy change? Keeping it real. The bottom line is we serve what right, just […]

Just Try New Things

Just Try New Things Look, there is always somebody with a flashlight shining a light on life. A mentor, a peer, an influencer, a spiritual practice, Divine Himself—illuminating a next step. We just have to take it. Bam! All the doors and windows open up. About No Fear Friday No […]



Insta Collection #1

Insta Collection New this week on Yesrising Instagram! “It was kinda like Late Night with Stephen Colbert without the glam…” 👄 “If we want a new world, we must create it. Together, we can do amazing things.”  “I wrote this song in the video “You Will Be Loved” for a […]

True Happiness

True Happiness I have to share this quote from Marianne Williamson again from a slightly different angle because it struck me so.  It’s from a lecture she gave in NYC this week, and I’ve taken it out of context here, but I truly feel the message is important. So — […]


Body positive Yoga

Can You Imagine

Can you imagine a time when, wherever we land, we are welcomed? #ican#humanrights #provincetown #lgbtq #artistsoninstagram #artandculture#musicians #oceanbeach #yogapants #yogaposes #summer About The Author “Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global. Find his latest book here He is the creator of […]

Body Positive Yoga

Inclusive Body Positive Introduction to Yoga Workshop a Huge Success A Free Introduction to Yoga Workshop at Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio. The workshop brought a full house into the safe and loving space to learn about the history, practices and benefits of yoga! Thank you Dori Digenti for […]



Our True Power

Our True Power In this moment (the now) we can see infinite possibility. And while it’s also true that only in looking back can we see patterns and connections (reasons or synchronicity’s) — our true power is in our decision today. Where we alter our lives. —————- #sippin Numi Organic […]

We Question Life

Question We question life when we see inequality, hatred, greed and worse. But, our suffering evokes compassion and empathy, with which we transcend almost any obstacle to help course correct. Ultimately, if we see ourselves in each other — a lightbulb goes off bringing us a profound understanding. We belong […]



Transforming Good Vibes into Right Action

Good Vibes Right Action We are not just about good vibes, @yesrising is about action. Choosing our passion and our practice is imperative to the time we live in. Taking care of each other, means not just our own family and children but our global brothers and sisters along with […]


Blending “We are the blending of politics, race, and science, medicine, spirit — we are the receiver of I AM.  Becoming conscious in the Quantum Field — our Omni Eye of Existence offers potential into probable. In alignment, we are not just asked, but are able to create our future. […]



I’m Enjoying the Process!

Develop Internal Strength I’m enjoying the process! Here’s a sneak peek of new #teeshirt samples for summer from @yesrising. Why I do this? I believe wherever we are in life, we are never too old, too evolved, or too successful for messages or affirmations of hope and possibility. We never […]