Passage from Meditation 9-2-17


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Passage from Meditation 9-2-17

Much of the poet’s passages fall on deaf ears, though the mind and the soul receive its message.  Somehow, knowledge is passed — Transferred one to another to another.

The common connection, living in the 93 percent of the brain that is commonly “believed” seemingly unused.

In the midst of our layers upon layers upon layers of complex beliefs and their systems that hide and distract yet interact, one thing becomes clear.

Clearing our illusion is our utmost goal.

“We are a part of love — not separate from it”

“A piece of art”— Dirk Terpstra — Intuitive Speaker—HeartMath Trainer

“Inspring” — Rev. Nora Bouvier

“He indeed redefines love” — Mary Schaefer, Speaker, Author and Chief Encouragement Officer, Artemis Path, Inc.

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