FUEL: Stuff we put in our body

Yup, momma said don’t play with your food but I say go ahead.

Take risks. Choose ingredients that are fun — food will call to you because that is your body telling you that you need it. I’m not talking about sugar foods, processed or fried cravings — no, they just mask what your body is truly asking for.

Answer your body’s call by trying out what calls to you. Balance your veggies and fruits — add textures to your smoothies so you chew a little. Chewing helps initiate the digestive system making nutrients more easily absorbed. Try choosing fruit that has lower sugars like berries — while using higher sugar apple, banana and pineapple’s more sparingly. Above all, make it fun.


FUEL: Stuff we put in our body

Play with your food. Namaste 🙂

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