How to Promote Peace


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Work toward promoting peace.

World Peace.

It might seem unrealistic to believe we can live this way…peaceful, but our minds can move mountains…one thought at a time. Thus today, may we lessen judgement.

Never give up On PEACE: Live the Possibility. Think Inclusively. We are all connected because we are all loved 🙏

What people are saying about my book The Grace of Redefining Love!

“We are a part of love — not separate from it”

The reason I’m here with you.

“A piece of art”— Dirk Terpstra — Intuitive Speaker—HeartMath Trainer

“Inspring” — Rev. Nora Bouvier

“He indeed redefines love” — Mary Schaefer, Speaker, Author and Chief Encouragement Officer, Artemis Path, Inc.

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