This Morning Comes

Hello everyone,

Here it is Friday, October 20 ALREADY! In a couple days I’ll be recording this project titled BECAUSE EVERYTHING SPEAKS with the fabulous Peter Calo at Rotary Records here in Massachusetts.

We’ve worked hard getting these songs together and I want to share another update with you. This song is called THIS MORNING COMES and it’s a song about forgiveness, overcoming our life struggles with each other. And, living in a world as one.

With just a few days left to reach our goal, the project is about 50% funded. As you may know, if we don’t reach the goal by Monday we will not receive any funding. But, although we may be approaching the 11th hour, I believe in miracles.

Either way, I’ll be in the recording studio Monday and we will shift into plan b. That is, a scaled back budget cutting the marketing plan, for now.

If you feel connected to the music, please share and visit my kickstarter page here:

I’ll keep posting updates as we get closer! Thank you so much for all your support, together we are creating GREAT music!!

Richard Silvia

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