FUEL: Salmon, Rice and Sprouts

dinner for two

Salmon, Wild Rice and Brussels Sprouts

Poached Salmon, Basmati and Wild Rice, Sauté Brussels Sprouts

Poaching is easy and a clean way to eat salmon. First, I like to salt and pepper the water then add a little olive oil to help it stay moist. Depending on the size of your fillet, it won’t take but a few minutes to cook. When the inside stops being fleshy, it’s done.

I cook the rice very similar actually, two cups water and one cup rice adding salt and pepper to the water first. Bring to a boil and then simmer until the liquid is absorbed.

Slicing the brussels sprouts in half helps them cook through quicker. Toss into a pan coated with extra virgin olive oil, sliced onion and salt and pepper bring big flavor.

That’s it. Salmon, rice and sprouts dinner for two. Enjoy.

P.s. marinated diced tomato and diced onion with salt and pepper is the condiment on top.

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