Slowing Aggression or Compassionate Cooperation

compassionWhen did ego go wrong, deciding that faster, better, squashing out each other’s spirits was the way to survive on our planet?

How did we escalate our differences rather than be inclusive of our likeness and compassion and love? Modern civilization continues to create a culture of striving rather than creating. Striving toward ownership at the cost of each other, sometimes even at the cost of our family’s love. No matter where you are in this world, in this life, that can’t feel right. Right?

Even speaking seems aggressive. Talking so fast that the line blurs between fiction and truth. Where is our truth? Where is our inner most love expressing itself? Not nearly in enough places.

Slowing down to feel, see, sense and experience our life with each other can only add to our planets humanity. Add to life itself. Slowing down to observe our opinion and judgement of the people we see everyday, or our self judgments for that matter, is important. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” seems to lost its oomph over the years, but it really declares that when we slow down, we can see things more clearly, including each other.

We live in a beautiful world with beautiful people, each unique and brilliant with his or her own story to tell. We think that faster is better. we think that over-stepping another human being brings us to the forefront of survival and success. but I don’t think it will. It will, rather, bring us closer toward extinction. We can survive only through compassionate cooperation.

Take time today to slow down just enough to see something differently. To see the part of another person you didn’t know existed before. How beautiful is that? Namaste 🙂

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