A Song Called Grace


I’m SO HAPPY to share this update with you! Here’s a sample of the arrangement my producer Peter Calo is working on for my song called GRACE.

And, I’m also really excited to tell you the Kickstarter campaign “Because Everything Speaks” http://kck.st/2hdz3HI <3 is 25% funded!

I always want to be the best artist I know how to be. And in this moment, to deliver most beneficially, this message of Love and Possibility.


THE concept of REDEFINING LOVE began for me in 1995 while working on a music project I titled Inter-Dimensional Love. The title written on plain white paper and pasted on a plastic cassette case, still sits in a box in my closet.

One World

One Love

TODAY — great artists and thought leaders, poets and musicians, scientists and philosophers are gathering and sharing minds — it seems likely that whatever we call it — Conscious Love, Evolving Love, Inter-Dimensional Love, Divine Love — all names are revealing the same — We are ONE energetically with ALL things.


Richard is an online writer for the platform The Power of the Heart and Thrive Global, creator of yesrising.com, partner of John, lover of sandy beaches, addicted to 90% dark chocolate, and has a bucket list that includes going to the Azores to feel his grandparents land.


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