Spiritually Happy People 2

Spirit-Sacred11 Things that successful and spiritually happy people have in common:

  1. A “knowing” that they are a child of God, Universe, Sacred, Spirit.
  2. An indescribable feeling of a whole and complete love from a Higher source.
  3. A “knowing” of being loved.
  4. A wonderment and awe of nature and natural beauty, and feeling part of it.
  5. A reverence for the cosmic creative process.
  6. A genuine curiosity toward each other.
  7. They ask how can I help, what do you need?
  8. A recognition of and genuine support of other’s dreams and ambitions.
  9. A real empathy connection for the wellbeing of humanity.
  10. They choose to live openly with an open heart.
  11. They hold a spiritual space for each other to grow.

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