Sunday Morning


What do you see? (image courtesy of Unspash)


Sitting early in the morning, I think. I ask what is it I want people to understand? Is it my journey or the interpretation of “it” through my work? Do I want people to understand me or God?

In part, it’s true that our culture is often too busy building success, fame, money, good looks, great bodies and superior wine to notice what LIFE is saying.

In part, it is also true that my responsibility is to be clear. To give the best of me in each moment. That is — to hand myself on a plate to a world unwilling.

I see a lot, I feel more —I’m not unlike you. No, I’m not the only one. That too the artist says in reverence  — Namaste.

For it is only together we truly LIVE to cultivate LOVE that creates PEACE.


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