Journal Entry October 21




I had a friend that used to tell me what I write about was from A Course in Miracles. Even before I knew about the books. Often, in our conversations, he would point out what I was saying to be very similar to a teaching in the Course.

As far back as I can remember, I’d written things I didn’t know anything about, or somehow had access to information I’d never heard of before.

In one example, in the 6th grade, I’d written a paper in which my teacher scolded me for plagiarizing the material. I can’t recall the topic. I simply wrote what I thought, felt or heard in my mind. It’s sad to think children are told they are not being honest.

Today, it’s not uncommon for me to open a book or a Facebook post and see the same, or almost the same, words. I

DO think people copy stuff, and they steal stuff. But, I also believe on a deeper level we are somehow connecting with each others energies.


I feel this happens, or is happening on a global level —many people are experiencing the same aha’s.

This phenomenon, like synchronicity, indicates nothing less than our human and spiritual connection —the common bond we share energetically. In my book The Grace of Redefining Love, I’ve written a good amount about the giving and receiving of this energy.

I guess we can think about it this way. We are more alike than different. At the very least, perhaps we need to explore the energy of our words —deeper.

We are all connected.

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