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Story’s of Synchronicity

You might know how much I love story’s on synchronicity. Synchronicity’s, “God-winks” as Kathie Lee Gifford calls them, are moments offering connection.

I remember Steve Jobs once saying that he designed the corporate headquarters at one company to include bathrooms because they afforded a greater chance of “serendipitous personal encounters.”

The Universe speaks!

In forms that sometimes provide us with mysterious messages — some even opening doorways to unexpected outcomes.

Coincidences happen in ways we can’t explain, nor predict.

For me, quite a few come as words and phrases that I say to other people — acting like beacons that tell us we are supposed to meet, or have some purpose to fulfill for the moment, a day, or a lifetime.

I suggest our job is to be open to receive them.

Here’s a quick story of an event of serendipitous nature that happened just last week.

Surfing through Facebook land, I came across a woman’s profile that I thought was cool. She had this “vibe” that intrigued me, a creative — avant-garde aura.

So I sent her a note to say hello and during our introduction I mentioned that I liked her “vibe.”

I received a lovely note in return from her stating the following:

“I have to share something with you Richard, many years ago I bought a Pontiac Vibe, and the day after I bought it someone told me that they like my vibe, me not the car, but I took it as a good omen.

Yesterday I sold that very same car, the vibe, and today you write to me that you like my vibe!!! I think that’s incredible!!! Thank you for bringing me a message beyond what you knew.”

Isn’t it a miraculous Universe! I’m always happy to hear and share these stories.

These types of events happen more than we think. Often, we dismiss them saying things like “isn’t that weird” or “funny that…”

So how do we “get open” for these windows of opportunity?

We have to get authentic with our gut!

I believe when we become more mindful of our surroundings, we allow the energy to play with us. Then we can listen to the soft whispers that say, “go this way” or “pick up this or that book.”

When we follow our heart, our intuition, our inner GPS — a whole new world opens up.

Have you experienced any “chance” events recently?



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