Together in peace, see each other as one love…


I see you, and I hear you

“Savor the lightness of stealth moments – emerging from grace, heroically pushing outward in echoes of poetic justice…walk with me friend. Gently. Quiver no more…”  ‪#‎LetUsRise‬ ‪#‎AsOneLove‬



We Are More Alike Than Different


I hear you

on the last page

in a journal

we are not different
we are not that different
you and I

you the superstar
I modern day czar
I have my luxury
matter of perception
how I have learned
in tumultuous weeks
my room is silent

that is all—

and the most important thing
is to love ourselves
It is the only consideration

or we shall fade

over and again and again and more
maybe then love will win
from HERO, a collection of poems 1990-2001

With Eagles Wings

“It is during the difficult times of deep reflection that we can hear the heartbeat of the Universe singing our song.” ‪#‎TakeTimeWeNeedToFeelThenLiftOurselves‬ ‪#‎ThenLiftEachOther‬

– from Merging Worlds, 93 Thoughts on Love & Cultivating Possibility

Conscious Living



Both EXTRAORDINARY and HUMBLING, we can all make the CONNECTIONS and CORRELATIONS in our lives to Divine LOVE — we need only to be still.

I AM Ready, Are You?

“Life is about releasing, letting go, and loving each other, lifting one another up. Rising up from the ashes that are our own.”


Lets Go Up

A Greater Love, A Grateful Love

Wayne Dyer

A Greater Love, A Grateful Love

My Lesson from Wayne Dyer

As The Hay House World Summit 2016 comes to a close, it is uncanny that I chose Wayne Dyer’s The Next Step as the last talk to listen to. I didn’t do it intentionally —this was synchronicity at work. As I connect the dots of the past 5 years of my life — losing my job, surviving cancer, the people I’ve lost, the ones I’ve met — the people I am meeting, I can see something taking shape — Divine expression of Love, Possibility, Heart, and Healing.

Last year, I started taking notes for a book I want to write titled Redefining Love, Exploring the Layers of Love, Healing and Global Thinking. It’s a continuation of work that began as a music project back in 95 or 96 —a home recording originally titled Inter-Dimensional Love. 

I want to talk about inclusiveness, gratitude, awe and include insights from the dream I had about My Grandfather/God/Spirit — whatever it was that came and showed me the most amazing unconditional Love I have ever felt, with perhaps some combination of new poetry and music.

So, not knowing what Wayne Dyer was going to speak about in this conversation — it just all fit too perfectly. One thing he said that struck me is “everything is channeled”. So…we are all connected.

I’m not sure where this will all go or how it will develop but I do know that this is where I’m headed and since I’ve been posting on the rest of the summit I listened to and watched, I wanted to finish it up here. I have a good feeling about all this. Namaste. 🙂