Swimming Pools of Hope

THE GARDEN (Prague 1999)

I have never felt this strong
about a dream forging on
watch the shadows play
on the bridge walls
a giant multimedia show
today I can’t stop writing
driven by forces of nature
to record another chapter
bring light to dark—
the message
the universe is in part
trying to convey
I will not stop —
when the sky is black
is it not the same sky
the sun does warm—
we are the same infinities
of space and time
swirling circular images
floating in swimming pools of hope
this is where suffering ends
and life begins —
in the moment of absolute Love
between all molecules of life
you can turn this life around
shake it upside down
what a wonderful collage
it will be a garden filled
with everyones company
from HERO, a collections of poems 1990-2001




Mick, brought life with him wherever he went. He was a progressive man — generous with heart and he loved gardening, creating a comfortable home environment, and was a shrewd businessman.

He always said that no one should stand in the way of another persons dreams. He believed in dreams and following your dreams. He was a dreamer too.

One thing that sticks out in particular is that he told me “You are never going to change them, Richard”. “They made choices to live that way”. That was my clue to move on. To move forward out into a world unknown.

My wish for readers is that you too make choices. Make choices that benefit your highest good, your most sacred dreams — the ones you came here to give our world.

Thank you Uncle Mick! #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference

Follow Your Heart

follow your heart“On this path, I’ve met great healers, poets, and teachers. On this path – I’ve lost many friends. Some because I made choices that shattered their image of me, some because I said no, others just left our planet, dying way too early deaths, from what I can tell, were lost battles beyond their control. The bottom line is we must follow our heart.”

-from Merging Worlds: 93 Thoughts to Cultivate Possibility

Angels and Totems

TotemsThe sky was all sorts of beautiful last week. I love cloud formations. This one seemingly filled with angels and animal totems, I found fascinating and almost deliberate. ‪#‎Guideposts‬ ‪#‎AngelsandTotems‬

Shared Vision

vision“What seems empty now is only the space ready to receive that which we are willing to become.”

Are there places we are able to show up in life more alive and present, open and humble, and kind? Can we join together in a shared vision of love and possibility? I vow to try. Namaste 🙂

Possibility – Sky’s the Limit

limitationWhat Is possibility: We say it all the time. Anything is possible. Conceivably possibility could be called unpredictable transformation. If anything is possible, then how can we take part in creating this transformation? By becoming aware of our choice in the moments when we are most unsure. Understandably, at times, that choice might be to take no action all, but whichever the case may be, a single choice can spark opportunity to emerge.

Feeling stuck and powerless: The future is unknown to everyone. That statement in itself is liberating! It promises nothing to any sentient being other than the creative process itself. It is natural to sometimes feel stuck and scared, however deep inside us lays the creative power that can open our hearts to change and adaptation. Listen to where it guides you.

When we feel trapped, we generally ask ourselves the same questions over and over again; How can I fix it, where will it be, when will it happen…STOP. These questions direct us right back to a place of fear where our negative thinking tries to keep us believing our worthiness can be taken from us. Fear keeps us clinging to a false belief system that what is external – keeps us safe. This only further perpetuates our feeling of powerlessness which separates us from each other.

Creating possibility: Good fortune generally doesn’t rise from a place of panic or fear. Our best options and choices are grounded in the reality of present moment. That is where opportunity lives. What we see outside of us is less real than what we feel inside, so going within is our best choice, offering us the chance to practice creating possibility. It is the opportunity to train our mind. We can begin transforming the moment by becoming aware of our breathing, of each inhale, slow and filling, and each exhale, slow and releasing. This is what grounds our thinking. It helps to free our “stuckness” by creating a safe place within us. Breathing connects us to our true self, our source and to each other making us ONE with all creation – everything breaths. The illusion is that we are separate.

Why are we enough? When we begin to create a safe place inside ourselves, we allow space for our creative adaptive self to rise up and speak to us. Our goal here is to open our hearts enough to realize that we are enough. Complete by nature. We are enough because you and I exist. Period! We exist in the same way the ocean and the trees exist. We don’t say to the tree “you are not enough”, we see it as complete.  We acknowledge the tree is complete within itself and that it lives and grows from the same life-force as all nature. So, if we, as sentient beings of the same source, Universe, God, would we not then, by default, be complete within our self?

Born this way: We were born complete and we were born enough – enough from the moment of our conception, through the random and creative synchronicities, egg, sperm, DNA, cells, structure, body, mind, spirit, infant, child, and adult. We became possibility. Our Universal God Consciousness is a creative energy living through each one of us. Our job is to give vision to it. To see beyond our self limitation and conditioned response’s – to participate in the creative consciousness. So go on and create – ignite your vision. Choose with your heart and transform each moment. This moment.