Leaving a Legacy

Every Life You Touch

Every Life You Touch.

“Your legacy is every life you touch.” Namaste Oprah Winfrey on The Talk.

No Fear Friday is weekly campaign on Instagram focused on choosing Love over fear. Now in its third year, we hope you’ll join us in living a life of Love, Possibility, and Inclusiveness. Namaste 🙂
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Heartbeat of Probability


Living in the Realm of Love

“I believe we all want to live more in this realm of love. More in joy and further in awe — through the continuum of our awareness, seeing all of life willingly different from the perception of separation. Here we become the heartbeat of probability.

excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love, expanding life to include everything. My new book coming out in May 2017. Namaste ❤



Field of Possibility

Imagine what you and I can accomplish together. Not separately “I” can accomplish, rather when we join our minds and good will.

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Authentic Motivation

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You are Possible

Authentic motivation comes from and through each others heart center. One of the most empowering realizations we can make is this. By encouraging each other’s possibility, we encourage our own.


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All Things Are Possible

“Love allows for all of our options to merge, it’s inclusive. We enter the field of possibility.” #AllThingsArePossible

– from The Grace of Redefining Love, a book about changing perception

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I wish the world perfect

blue green waters clean

dreams streaming
in and out of everyone’s hearts

wish the days sunny
the nights midnight blue

the scent of jasmine
rose and honeysuckle too

behold as you are
a breath of divine light

a pulse of historic beauty

a drop of cleansing rain

reaching out hand to hand

resting on the white sands

becoming and retrieving
a souls journey

through sacred lands

From the book HERO, a collection of poems written between 1990 and 2001. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.





In 1982 I was a student in a vocational graphic art certification program in Newport, Rhode Island. This was way before Adobe, Mac, and Twitter and with the use of our eyes, rulers, rubber cement and X-ACTO knives, we would, among other things, manually set type on paper.

Shirley was my instructor. She wore her hair in a bun on top of her head, had flowing garments and spoke — well, very optimistically.

She would often recite, in our full class of creative kids, this mantra. “Sky’s the Limit.” 

With enthusiasm, unlike the passionless history teacher in high school, she made our classroom a giant bowl of infinite possibility. — a Quantum Field.

The art program itself was offered for 3 months, about 365 hours worth of training — equivalent to an associate or bachelors degree. So — in essence, I gained a degree in possibility during that time.

Sky’s the Limit means taking risks, at times against the odds. We allow Divine Design to do It’s thing — flow freely, create synchronicity’s and dissolve our conditioned external and internal limited thinking. 

It means transforming possibility into probability.

Thank you Shirley! #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference