world peace

It’s Monday, just before Thanksgiving here in America. I am grateful for us! Grateful for you and me and the words and interactions we share together. I am thankful for the peace in our hearts. I am grateful for the rain that is gracefully falling down outside my window today. […]

Heart UP!

There is always something I can do each day…little or big…to share my heart. Including someone in a conversation, smiling at our neighbor, tucking a child into bed…are all ways of sharing our heart – of connecting our hearts with each other. So I guess the image could have said […]

I Can Give a Piece of My Heart

Let’s see, sense, hear, feel all the ways love touches us today! Maybe it’s a phone call from family, a surprise piece of mail, an email from a friend, a smile from a stranger, words from a song on the radio or a sparkle in somebody’s eye. Today, let’s keep […]

Today’s Intention: I See Sense Hear Feel LOVE