Take Time to Smell The Flowers 5

GratitudeHere we are smack dab in mid July! A lot of people are on holiday, some are taking breaks from school, others still working harder and longer hours than ever. Where ever we we fall on the spectrum — it is important to slow down, just a bit, to smell the flowers. Or roses, if you happen upon them!

When you rise in the morning, look out the window, enjoy a deep breath of fresh July air and give voice to this new day. Step outside and feel the soft wet grass tickle your bare feet. View your garden as you walk to get the daily mail or note the park on the way to work, school or the airport.

Take time in the evening to express gratitude for the many gifts of the day. Use every free moment to observe and acknowledge what we easy walk by in a rush. Maybe it isn’t smelling the flowers that works for you, maybe its picking up a good book or taking a hot bath. The point is, slow up long enough to appreciate what ever it is you are doing and acknowledge to yourself that you love doing it.

Its important today because tomorrow, today will be gone. Namaste 🙂

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