Taking Giant Leaps

FaithMost of us have been taught at an early age to live with fear as the driver. Fear drives around town, as we sit in the back seat of our old beat up Chevy listening to outdated memories that tell us what to do, who to exclude, eliminate and exile. Enough. Now is our time to create a new history – unlearn our internal bullying systems, unlearn the fear that locks our hearts. It requires giant leaps of faith – faith in ourselves even when the people closest to us don’t believe or support what is calling to us. Do it anyway. How? Well, what is a leap of faith? Taking action! Taking one step, however large or seemingly small it is, toward your heart’s desire. Your next question; How do we know if we are moving toward our heart’s desire/dream? It feels like a big sigh, a breath of fresh air, a release.  It feels right! You may even smile! Keep moving forward with love and find out for yourself. Namaste 🙂

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