Swimming Pools of Hope

THE GARDEN (Prague 1999)

I have never felt this strong
about a dream forging on
watch the shadows play
on the bridge walls
a giant multimedia show
today I can’t stop writing
driven by forces of nature
to record another chapter
bring light to dark—
the message
the universe is in part
trying to convey
I will not stop —
when the sky is black
is it not the same sky
the sun does warm—
we are the same infinities
of space and time
swirling circular images
floating in swimming pools of hope
this is where suffering ends
and life begins —
in the moment of absolute Love
between all molecules of life
you can turn this life around
shake it upside down
what a wonderful collage
it will be a garden filled
with everyones company
from HERO, a collections of poems 1990-2001

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