The Rose & Its Thorn

Positive Vibes

In the Spirit of HOPE

In light of all the world events in the past week – I share this in the Spirit of HOPE. This song clip is a home recording from 1991. I was 28 in this vocal. LOL. It’s a song about a women named Jeanne who was probably in her late 70’s when we met. She was one of the first women underwriters for Aetna in NYC, an avid tennis player, and cyclist that once biked from Upstate New York to PA. She had her struggles in life – Parkinson’s disease, bi-polar in a family of other challenges. Jeanne was an advocate for many things. Education. Art. Music. She ALWAYS encouraged me – so when she was sick one day I wrote this song for her. She used to play it at night in the nursing home to go to sleep. God knows, I have no idea how “this” could help her sleep but…strange things happen. She died a few years later but a line from the song still rings true. “I PROMISE YOU, I WILL SING FOR YOU – ALL THE THINGS YOU WISH TO BE HEARD…” ‪#‎ILoveYouJeanne‬ ‪#‎Thankyou‬ ‪#‎SaturdaySong‬

Listen to a clip of The Rose and Its Thorn here:





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