The Thing About Social Media 2

dreamersHere’s the thing about social media. You can use it to meet really great people! Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet up with my friends, inspirational singer/speaker/author, Noelle Marie Amendola and her husband Vince, at a Starbucks in my neck of the woods, as they toured through New England. What a blessing! Be sure to check out her website at –!

I express much gratitude Noelle Marie Amendola for featuring my work, YesRising, and book, Merging Worlds, on this Episode of Coffee Time! So glad we met in person and yes, we are kindred spirits inspiring each other’s journey for sure. Be sure to watch Noelle’s updates about her School for Dreamers and about her new book “Activate Your Power”! I highly recommend watching this and ALL the Coffee Time shows!

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