True Happiness


from the weekly lectures of Marianne Williamson

True Happiness

I have to share this quote from Marianne Williamson again from a slightly different angle because it struck me so. 

It’s from a lecture she gave in NYC this week, and I’ve taken it out of context here, but I truly feel the message is important.

So — my interpretation.

To sit in the space within us that allows the generation of the miraculous is different from forcing our will or trying to manipulate an outcome—even if we say that’s not what we’re doing. 

Staying in TRUE happiness is a space we occupy from our heart wide open. Be assured — We Can Get There. Meditation, compassion, empathy, really connecting with beauty or nature — are tools that open us. That connection is our place of possibility.

Be sure to visit her website at —it will give you much more to chew on than I can.

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