Waking Instants02: LouAnn

LouAnn lived much of her childhood and teen years in Southern California. In high school, I met her sister then subsequently met her. We would all hang out and talk about music, go for very long walks on the beach — and dream, about moving back to Cali.

It’s funny that as I am writing this, a reminder went off on my iPhone saying that today is her birthday. Really not so funny as it was probably her that set it off. Signs don’t happen any clearer than this!

In April of 2014, LouAnn died from cancer. I miss her, but I choose to remember all the goodness she brought to our world. LouAnn took care of people. She cherished animals and was sort of like the female Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Animals — now that I think of it. Working most her life in a nursing home, she brought comfort and smiles to many. She even took care of my friend Jeanne and her brother, both of whom were on her wing at different times.

How did LouAnn change the trajectory of my life? She listened. She listened to all my music, and being the drummer that she was, she critiqued each song and made sure I heard the good stuff along with the bad — always saying that something would become of it. She believed in signs, she believed in my music, she believed in me. #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference #ThankYouLouAnn

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