People That Make a Difference


About 18 years old, I worked in a small hardware store located about 100 feet from Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island — an international sailing port that brought people in from all over the world.

Ambrozine was from Trinidad and spoke English in a way that I had to listen deeply to fully understand what she was asking of me. She would drive up in her old station wagon to purchase supplies for her latest project. At about 80 years old, she loved talking and interacting with people and she sometimes brought “workers” with her to help with her projects.

Ambrozine said to me often “you don’t belong here”.

Those four words changed the trajectory of my life because I carried her spirit forward into situations where I needed to continue striving to fulfill my life purpose. I used the words “you don’t belong here” as a mantra of sorts to remind myself to stay on purpose. To stand up when I got nocked down. To find strength and courage when I was in a storm of adversity. Seeing her determined eyes and her lips saying to me “you must keep going, you must follow your heart”.

Thank you Ambrozine. #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference

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