Waking Instants

Taking Refuge

Waking Instants

Take refuge when someone’s eyes run into ours. Breathe — in the expansive instant when a glance discerns a deeper connection. Perhaps we never met, yet we know something about each other. Something our personalities forgot but our soul has not. Our body’s may have changed but our eyes remain the same.

What is it when someone we don’t know says something so rich it moves us with tingles or tears? When something rings so true to us that we say hmmm…huh. Something clicks. When decades of searching for understanding is understood — in one moments glance with a stranger.

Take refuge in the moment of acknowledgement we share. Take refuge in inner dedication of our presence in a present moment — that something greater is weaving our connection. Something serendipitous today joins our hearts on this big blue-green planet Earth. There are no strangers nearby, only angels among us exposing gleams of light reminding us of who we really are.

Return the receipt — all is well — with a word or nod or wave or smile. Take refuge in the fleeting moment when our eyes meet in cosmic grace. For it is that waking moment, that brings precious peace to each others soul-journey.

Stand in reverence of each passing gift, because it is in the parting — that we receive. Take refuge in our active attraction — when our wise self beckons us to rise. Wake up — for this is the Sacred Gift.

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