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We are all heroes of Love. We are heroes of our dreams — of our children — and of our own inner child. Our journey is courageous dear friends and bitter and bright — full of colour and mystery and light. We are all heroes of LOVE.


HERO – A Young Poets Love

Why are we heroes of love? Because we were born magnificent — a beautiful bright light, a creative, gentle loving spirit, each of us once little boys and girls — into a world that needed our love.  And though the world that needed our love and our words so desirably at times might have tore us down — we got back up and tried again.

We are heroes of love because we have resilience encoded in our bloodstream — there was never anything wrong or lacking about us, simply misguided conditioning that we suffered. Reclaiming our truth, our true birthright — to shine, we forge our path, our voice of love onward, saying to the world exactly what we came here to say. And the world responds — I hear you.

My new book HERO is offered to readers as a description in prose of my travels. Hero is a collection of poems written between 1990 —2001. It is gifted to the young poet to convey — you are not crazy or alone or lost. It is reassurance that we meet many on our journey — and that you, dear poet, have much to give. The blessing from the heart, I give to you. Create.

HERO available here on Amazon http://amzn.to/1qsZH28

I’ve completed some old part of myself here. A new trajectory — moving forward together — with you, on this new adventure — a higher one. One so white-hot with truth that we sever adversity. One with you in inclusiveness —creating each thought deliberately, every action consciously and each outcome joyously — with you — my dear co-creators of this redefined world. What do you want to create?

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One thought on “We Are All Heroes of LOVE

  • Lisa C

    Congratulations on your new book Richard. I feel a great energy coming from it and that you’ve poured your heart and soul into every poem. It’s on my Amazon wishlist for when I get my paycheck:) Love your Instagram account too 🙂