There is Nothing Weak About Our Story


Brave enough to tell it, strong enough to hear it.

JOURNAL ENTRY September 29

Fellow warriors, there was nothing weak about the moment in the elevator when Senator Jeff Flake was confronted by protesters who in more human terms have, for too long, been the victims of silence.

There is no denying the impact of that interaction — of the telling of our story.

It’s the story of democracy. The equality and freedom for all people.

Today, let us begin anew, in a prayer of appreciation. Aware of the Light — our awoke—ness, the illumination of the truth living inside each of us. That’s the true gift. 

Being able to see and hear the heart of one another.

No, there is nothing weak about that moment.

Today, may we be mindful to not avoid or avert or flatly deny our Light. May we embrace and embody it, within ourselves and in our fellow warriors.

All experiences matter and our words are enough to tell it. Lives may have been torn or stripped or temporarily silenced, but the Light of life shall not be dimmed.

No, there’s nothing weak about our story when we are brave enough to tell it and strong enough to hear it.


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