Words Into Action

2015 GoalsToday I was serendipitously put in a position to receive a question that I had to stop for a minute to think about the answer. It may sound simple, but for me, the one usually asking all the questions, it came as a surprise when someone asked. What are YOUR goals for 2015?

OK, no big deal right? Of course not. Piece of cake! LOL. Well, my first thought was huh? Then my vision board came to mind with all its images, scenes and words pasted on the 24 by 26 piece of foam core. I thought about what that all meant to me and how I would respond in some articulate fashion in just a few concrete words. A small, but not impossible task.

What I came up with was this. “My intention is to increase my circle of friends and bring more joy into my life”. There. Done. Next. Then! All the other thoughts came to life in my mind. “OMG, I just voiced to the Universe that I want to meet new people and bring a higher level of joy to my life in 2015! Was I clear enough? Did it make sense? Was it practical and efficient? Would that statement be effective?” And on and on and so forth.

The bottom line, and more importantly, is the fact that I voiced, out load, to another human being, and to the Universe, my heart’s desired truth.  It no longer remained the 8 ball shuffling around in my head, looking for the corner pocket.

Fast forward. Here we are now with this post, setting yet another intention, encouraging you to speak up and speak out. So, I say tell the world, or at least a few close friends – what you want in your life, about your hopes and dreams, of YOUR desires. And let those intentions burst into action – the Universe will work out the details for you. Namaste 🙂

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