Yogurt and Berry

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt and Berry Snack

This is a favorite go-to-snack for me — greek yogurt with raw local honey, fresh berry and chocolate shards. It’s a great snack or dessert. Greek yogurt is thicker and richer than regular yogurt plus it has between 12 and 23 grams of protein depending on the brand you buy, so it’s really a good food option.

In the photo, I used plain yogurt tossed on a few raspberry’s AND some 90 percent cocoa dark chocolate before adding a drizzle of raw honey. There are so many variations you can make, be creative. I’ve used almonds and blackberry, banana and chocolate, the list goes on…

As for honey, it is best if you can find local raw honey because the bee’s feed off native flowers which is helpful in combatting allergy issues. Plus you support local products and business. And be careful to read the labels on the yogurt too — some brands sneak in added sugar along with other unnecessary ingredients.

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